Your project is only as good as your team

Your project is only as good as your team

Frustrated by bad recruitment and high turnover?
Are repetitive ramp ups killing you?
Do you want Tech Talent Done Right?

We build our own teams

After 12 years in the recruiting market we've been sharing the same growing pains as you.

The group we belong to has 2 in-house product teams so we know just how hard it is to get your team right.

Our Happiness Score

34Kids with
happy parents

Our team is bringing up 34 babies
and kids with happy parents as a role model.
This makes us proud!

83%Rated by our

Our alumni rate us with an 83% happiness score
upon exit. We love them right back!

1 in 3Clients come from raving fans

1 in every 3 clients were referred by our developers. Word of mouth magic!

More than a recruiting partner, our business partner

We planned to build an engineering team in Portugal but we didn't have the bandwidth to source candidates. Sara from KWAN was super helpful - she spent time to understand our needs, sourced candidates very quickly and provided end to end service to help us to build our team of 3 engineers. In addition to her real duty, Sara has been super helpful in connecting us (a US startup) with local accountant and legal contact to get us off the ground. Sara is more than a recruiting partner, she is our business partner in our early days. We are super happy to partner with her.

Becky Flint CEO
Becky Flint

Highly experienced tech talent

Global Shares looked to KWAN to assist us in finding developer assets that were highly experienced in .Net development. KWAN provided staff that was extremely adept not only in their developmental tasks, but also working with an agile framework. The staff from KWAN were very good at aligning expectations, as well as communicating with project managers and clients.

Luís Gonçalves Lead Software Engineer
Luís Gonçalves

KWAN’s proactive initiative was a massive benefit

We needed to drastically increase our development staff and KWAN was able to provide the solution by creating a highly skilled team of developers, who fit the cultural and technical requirements. KWAN’s proactive initiative was a massive benefit to the cultivation of the team, and the process as a whole. The company was quick to help HostelWorld overcome the obstacle of setting up technical operations in a new country. Throughout the whole process, HostelWorld had nothing but praise for KWAN and the team they assembled.

Philip Bannon Software Development & Engineering Manager
Philip Bannon

We're very happy, KWAN knows how to spot a Jumee

Jumia is growing its tech team since the end of 2018. Within this recruitment ramp-up, KWAN stepped in as a partner and helped us a lot in recruiting good resources, not only technically speaking but also meeting the requirements in terms of soft skills and cultural fit. We're very happy with this partnership, KWAN knows how to spot a Jumee!

Luís Vieira HR Specialist
Luís Vieira

Very fast and with a personal touch

When we were in a tight squeeze finding the right consultant with the right experience and cultural fit for our organisation, KWAN and Elyse helped us very fast and with a personal touch. Candidates were quickly introduced, interviews were scheduled and before we knew it we had a match with the perfect candidate. Even after placement the contact remains warm and on a regular basis.

Elise Clement OutSystems Business Manager
Elise Clement

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Tech Talent Done Right

How to level up your team with KWAN

The process starts way before we even meet
Scouting, career coaching & mentoring top talent
We listen to your needs & build a briefing

We listen to your needs & build a briefing

You interview <br> our talent shortlist

You interview
our talent shortlist

Perfect team match <br> & level up

Perfect team match
& level up

Day-to-day coaching <br> & caring

Day-to-day coaching
& caring

You have our word

We won't dump candidates on you.
If we say we'll do it, consider it done.
When we refer a candidate to you, we mean it.
If we can't deliver, you'll be the first to know.
We’ll take care of your team and keep you
posted for the long run.

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